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This month’s Guitarist Magazine gets the GuitarPr0n seal of approval for some quality squee inducing moments…

In a feature on guitar shapes, they cover some of the more interesting-looking guitars out there, including Slash‘s red B C Rich Mockingbird. They score extra points for mentioning, and recommending tracks from SnakepitAin’t Life Grand‘s The Alien and The Truth.

Then, a little further on, who should appear but…

Uh-oh… brace yourself for a barrage of squee. It’s The Jimmy. The man. To what do we owe an appearance of such fine Halfinship? He’s going back in the studio! Rumours abound of a Santana-style album featuring guest vocalists and “12 of his favourite guitars”. Should be interesting! What with this, and new albums from Velvet Revolver and Metallica, it should be one of the best years the music industry has seen in some time. Marvellous.

  • Guitarist Magazine‘s January 2007 issue came out on December 21st. See their website for more information.

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