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Dear Blog, (DB)

Sometimes life really takes a twist, you know? Here I was for so many years thinking I was in a place I would never be able to move from, physically, and in my head as well. Things can get mighty ‘samey’ in life, can’t they? UGH!! I seemed to have been stuck in a holding pattern for forever! Some days that is easier to take than other days. I mean, I don’t expect life to be a thrill a minute because experience teaches you it just isn’t, but when ‘sameyness’ sets in, it can suck all the aspirations out of you and you start to give up on some of the dreams and wishes you had. That is where I was DB. On the outside looking in, and try as I might I couldn’t break free.

Well…enter 2007. WHAM! Suddenly things are new. It really started happening at the end of 2006, but things really are moving, like me! In Febraury I am moving back to the UK after being in Germany for 5 years. This was totally unexpected. I am so happy about this I could cry! Germany is lovely, but I suck at the language. Hence, I suck at life here. My hubby is a not as happy as I am about the move, but he’s getting there. His job offer in the UK was too good to turn down. Unlike me, he doesn’t suck at German or life here. But we are keeping the house so we will be able to come back whenever. He’ll get used to it. Me? Well DB…I am going to kiss the ground when I get off the plane at whichever airport we land!

Another very important thing has happened. I met Sam. She is so inspirational to me. I find myself starting to plan things that I never thought I would attempt doing before. I can tell her things no one else knows. She encourages me to get outside the fear of myself and have a go. Like today – I actually drew something for the first time in about 10 years. Guess what I drew? Jimmy Page’s hand. Yep. And not only did I do it, now I am TELLING you! It might not seem a big deal to anyone else, but to me…I have this terrible rigidity about me even though I am stupidly extrovert. This rigidness stiffles creativity because I have this fear it will not live up to what I think it should, so I don’t try. I don’t usually draw as you know DB, it’s writing I do mostly. But I have often wanted to draw and even share what I have written, but I somehow I always stop. Sam is patiently getting me to move past stop. That’s a great gift DB.

So…watch this space. Now that my feet will be back on UK soil and I have Sam in my arsenal, who knows what you may be reading in this space? You might be shocked. You might be amazed! Then again, you might be bored silly and would rather watch paint dry. And if you are I hope it is on something YOU painted!! Woo! Just enjoy 2007 and branch out, okay? If I can do it, you can too!

Later DB.

PS – Speaking of branching out in 07 – that guy whose hand I drew? He’s making a new album. OMG!!! Wheeeeee!!!! Now that will be a HUGE source of inspiration for all things creative! And when I say ALL THINGS creative, I seriously mean it. Really.

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