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Well class, here we are in a new year – oh the squee to come. Yay!! It fills your heart with joy doesn’t it? I do feel sorry for people who have no squeedom to revel in. You get these folk who roll their eyeballs at those of us who love to rejoice in massive fits of squee over our yummy music boys. Why? Please don’t rain on my squee parade. I am totally unashamed of finding beauty and squeeing over it all I want! But, don’t let my squeals fool you into thinking I know nothing about the music on a serious level, for that would be a big mistake. But now, on to the advanced squee lesson!

In this lesson we are going to look carefully at physical detail. We’re going to notice the delicious minutia that makes you sizzle! Once you find a guitar boy that completely rocks your world, you really need to take a nice careful look. You don’t want to miss something that may send you into Squeevana for extended periods! So how do you go about this? Well obviously pictures! Stills let you get right in there and take a long lingering look with no distraction of music or motion, both of which cause total breakdown in concentration for this exercise. How am I supposed to take a nice long fact finding gaze at Jimmy Page when he is dripping hot, slinking around in that dragon suit AND tearing up his guitar? It’s all I can do to stay conscious in moments like those, never mind look at details. Trust me, get some photos for this, at least for the first time you attempt it! Okay, I am going to pick one of the thousands of beautiful Pagey pictures I have for the lesson, and you go grab one of your favorite babe too. Ready?
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Off we go!
Now, just have a good over all scan. What stands out? What catches your eye? When you find something have a really close careful look. I notice first Jimmy’s hair…omg…you could be lost forever in beautiful hair like that. A luscious dark wavy mass of heaven! Look how the light is shining on it and how one little curl is on his neck… Yum!! I read in a recent Q Mag issue that he thinks his hair was a fashion low point when it was this long. What?? WHAT??! Where did he get this totally erroneous idea? Please will someone give him this post? Hello, Mr. Page!!! Honey, listen up: There is NO SUCH THING as a low point with you, fashion or otherwise. It all rocks baby, ALL OF IT. ALL THE TIME. K? 🙂

Moving on, look at those lips. Such perfection – perfect shape, perfect color…mmmm! He gets my vote for Most Perfect Lips On a Man EVER. They are just screaming, “Kiss me!!!!” He has perfect skin too; although he has too many clothes on in this pic to get the full effect of how gorgeous it is. Still, even though he has all these clothes on – look how adorable they are. Awwww…that sweater vest and stripy shirt is so cute you could die! And here is where a still photo gives you a perfect glimpse of something you would miss in a moving image – look at that sweet little tummy button peeking out of the unbuttoned bit of shirt! Waaaahhhh!!!! Oh that just makes me crazy! It’s a Squeevana moment!! And how about those hands? Guitar babes generally have wonderful hands, and look at his!! Look at their beautiful shape and how his long sexy fingers curl around the guitar neck. Ohhhh…And speaking of shape, that body on Pagey Doll? Mmmm mmmm, tiny yummy heaven. He couldn’t be better if God allowed me to build my own dream man to spec!

Well I could go on and on and on, but you get the idea. Advanced squee is all about taking a careful look at the physical details of someone and seeing what sets off your fireworks, and for me everything about Jimmy sets off fireworks of epic proportions. What did you notice on your chosen babe? Isn’t it great? Don’t you feel happy? Come on then, share it! Fill me in on your delicious detail finding mission. You could also post a link to your pic so we can squee together!

Now here is a squee secret, the really great thing about this exercise is, you can take it with you to other areas of life. Open up your eyes and take a really good look around to appreciate the finer things of life in glorious detail! Those things that rock you to your core! Woooo!!!! Good squee leads to better life. Thanks Jimmy Jimmy – you certainly are one of the finer things in life to appreciate. I’ll keep doing the appreciating, and you keep supplying the fine. It’s a no-fail formula!

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