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The Aristocrats – in Spam!

The filthiest joke in comedy history featuring a mere handful of subject lines from my “junk” box. Altogether now – NSFW!

Stop me if you’ve heard this…

A man, his wife, his two daughters, his son, a couple of his son’s friends, and his daughter’s algebra teacher go to see a talent agent. “Got a great act for you”, says the man. “We’ve gone down a storm on YouTube, and our myspace page has over 5,000 friends.” The talent agent is not impressed “A family act? A family act with an internet following? Give me a break. I don’t do that sort of act. Unless any of you have been on a reality TV show. Have you? Big Brother? Survivor? Unanimous?”. The man shakes his head. “But what we have is special! Please, let me explain.”. The talent agent grudgingly agrees..

“OK, so Sexy hottie katrina strips down, and screams “Urgent from Mr HANAM AL MAZEM”. Exploring anal sex passions, the son answers a Question from eBay Member regarding Item #150057720098 while mom the mature bl0nde str1ps her pant1es and p0ses 1n st0ck1ngs. Then, the dog and Two; teens gets =) fcked by a hockey team and the son’s friend older lady with alien tits sucks. After that, the algebra teacher ju1cy redhead as1an beaut1e sh0w1ng h0les 0n fl00r along with mature mom and sweet boy in kitchen all have a Pregnant interracial orgy and, then it’s the big song and dance number – =?ISO-2022-JP?B?jUSC3YLMicaQrZV3gvCWs5e/gsmCxIKyj9CJ7pJ2grWC3IK3gUI==?=, or we might do RE[3]: Hey gurl, 05.01.2007 04:35:42. then to finish off, bl0nde gush1ng a h0t p1ss 1n park.”

“That’s quite an act. What do you call yourselves?”

“The Aristocrats!”

“O RLY? Well, Thunderbird thinks it might be junk! Get out of my office you spamming twunt!”