Latest Update: added a link to a selection of templates for cards, envelopes and boxes. When you want to make a quick calendar or list of some sort, you can save a bit of time by starting with a template…

Latest Update: added a link to a selection of templates for cards, envelopes and boxes.

When you want to make a quick calendar or list of some sort, you can save a bit of time by starting with a template – like a pre-designed calendar for you to insert your own pictures. Here’s some of the best templates we’ve found…

Pre-made Templates

  • Custom Cards, Envelopes and Boxes – a variety of templates for cards, gift boxes and envelopes. Via Kitschy-Koo.
  • Envelope-style Hipster Cases – a quick and easy fold-your-own case for a HipsterPDA, from shris at D*I*Y Planner. Just print, cut and fold for a carrying case for 3×5 index cards. If you prefer the MicroHipsterPDA (business cards instead of index cards), D*I*Y Planner can help there too.
  • Calligraphy Guides – fully customisable for line widths, nib widths, angles, and colours, and will generate PDFs in US Letter and A4 sizes. Fantastic work from Pelipen at The Fountain Pen Network.
  • PDF Pad – a site with lots of different templates, including some quite unusual stuff. They have calendars, flags, music stuff, graph paper and sudoku. If you’re looking for something fairly specialist, there’s a decent chance of finding it here.
  • Class Planner – a nice simple little weekly planner, with spaces for daily planning and tasks for the week. Intended for students, but could probably be used by lots of people.
  • Paper CD Case – you can enter artist, album, and tracks, tell it if you want A4 or Letter paper, and if you want a paper CD case or a sheet to fit inside a jewel case, and it generates a PDF file for you to print and fold. Nice. (Thanks to Gary at Thumbrella.)
  • Doane Paper – it’s a cross between a legal pad and graph paper. Squared paper, but every third horizontal is thicker, and it has a red margin. I can see a lot of people liking this. Looks like he’s planning to get it made as real pads, too.
  • Letterfu – really cool little single-sheet letter-and-envelope-in-one thingies. Oh, it’s difficult to explain, but you print one out, write your letter (or print it) on the back, then fold as indicated. Tuck in the last flappy bit, and the stamp seals it safely for posting. Only problem is that I never post anything any more.
  • nowMap – PigPog’s own quick organiser template – just a single sheet and a way of using it to map out what you’re up to at the moment.
  • FreePrintable.Net – assorted business cards, stationery, certificates, gift tags and fax cover sheets to download and use. There’s some designs where you have to pay to get an editable version, but there’s plenty of free stuff, and even the non-free ones are cheap enough.
  • Ricky Spears’ Microsoft Word Booklet Template – lets you print booklets of up to 32 pages onto double-sided sheets of US Letter paper.
  • Microsoft’s Office Templates – Microsoft have their own collection of templates online for Office, and there’s a lot there. If you don’t have Microsoft Office, most of them should open ok with OpenOffice too. They cover all sorts of things – calendars, greetings cards, diet and exercise, job hunting, legal.
  • DIY Planner – don’t forget DIY Planner for any organiser-type stuff you need. They have calendar, to-do list, contacts, and various different types of list and matrix templates available in a range of sizes.
  • Incompetech’s Free Online Graph Paper – a fantastic site – not just a variety of graph paper and lined paper PDFs, but a whole range of generators to design your own. Need guitar tab paper for a seven-string? You can make it here.


  • Office Depot have an impressive range of forms online for free, for small businesses. There’s employment forms, customer surveys, tax forms, marketing forms, safety forms – lots of forms. Mostly US-specific. (Thanks to Lifehacker for the link.)
  • Status Reports – from Chris Brogan, along with notes on the best way of preparing and presenting your status reports.

Making Your Own

  • Template Design 101 from Doug at DIY Planner – the master of tempate design shares his tricks and methods.


  • PDF Writers and File Sizes – if you need to generate PDF files, here are a few ways of doing it – with very varying results.


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  2. Another good addition to this list would be http://pocketmod.com/howto/

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