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On one of my frequent trips to the ground…

It’s definitely falling over season for me. Last month I went apex over tangent on the path of our old house, temporarily breaking my computer and spraining my ankle and today I fell flat on my face outside work. Dunno what I tripped on, possibly part of a drain or something, but I went from fine upstanding newbie Devonian to embarrassing mess in the gutter in a heartbeat. My usual shock absorbers (hands and knees) took most of the force, but were assisted by my nose and mouth. Onlookers must have thought I was so pleased to finally be starting work that I was kissing the tarmac. As pleased I am to be part of the company, the town and these premises, I felt no such papal urges.

Seeing no stars, or birds, and feeling OK, I assumed I was OK. Until I saw Michael’s expression and heard his words of comfort…

Oh fuck!

…and then began teh gu5h1ng… I have never seen so much blood come out of me, or anyone this side of an early Peter Jackson film. And then it all went a bit swooshy, you know? When I got to see my reflection, I didn’t see me, I saw something vaguely resembling this…

[image:2584 size=original]


And yes, one of my first thoughts were “I’m blogging this!”

Again. Ow.