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Dear Blog,

The time has finally arrived, and I am going back home. Not that home…my adopted home, the home I chose, Albion. Robert Plant wrote a lyric a long time ago for Achilles Last Stand, “Oh Albion remain, sleeping now to rise again.” I really understand that line in a new way now, and that whole song really. I got ya Robert!! šŸ™‚

For four years I have lived in Germany. It’s a nice place DB, really. The people are sweet and friendly, the food is terrific, the country is beautiful…our house is huge…but, and that’s the problem – but. But it’s not for me. I love it here, but visiting is my idea of how I want to experience Germany. We are keeping our house, so extended visits will be possible, and fun too! I am looking forward to that, and having nice big parties here with my friends. But I am so glad to be going home I could cry at the thought of my feet touching Albion tomorrow. Valhalla I am coming!!! HAAA!

There is a reason why Albion holds a huge place in my heart, and that reason caused me to dream of living there when I was very young. To my amazement, the dream came true when I was in my early 20’s. I actually did get to go there and live when I met and married my beautiful British hubby. I gave all my worldy goods away, left with two suitcases, and never looked back. I love America, and my fellow Americans too, but I can’t live there. Sometimes things are too much to bear and getting away is the best thing ever. Maybe one day the whole story from start to finish will be told. Maybe. But for now DB…let’s go home. Something is waiting there for me…

Albion – time to rise again.

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