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Pentel Brush Pen Review

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Time to take a look at one of Pentel‘s most popular products – the Brush Pen.

What is it?

It’s a stylish black brush-tipped cartridge pen.

What’s it for?

It’s recommended for stylised design, cartooning and calligraphy. It’s particularly good for chinese calligraphy.

Is it any good?

It’s excellent. I’ve found it particularly good for filling in solid blocks of black, adding a neat black edge to colour work (its fade resistant and waterproof ink makes it particularly good for this), and for stylised writing – my calligraphy skills don’t stretch to doing actual calligraphy with this pen, but it is great fun to make stylised marks. Writing quickly with the brush pen produces a style that borders on the psychotic – just one step away from letters torn from the paper…;). I’m sure those of you who are more skilled at calligraphy than myself could produce some beautiful work with it, though.

The pen lays down a solid, even line on smooth paper, but it’s not so consistent on rougher paper.

Can it be refilled?

Yes! In fact the pen comes with four cartridges included, which is plenty to start off with. After that refills are easy to get hold of from, well, you know where.

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