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UPDATE – Catching up with Make: now, and found a few more. Again, too late for this year, but they can hang around until next time…

Fancy liberating Valentine’s Day from Interflora and Hallmark? You’re in the right place for ideas to show the one you love that there’s more to February 14th than flowers from a petrol station shop (chocolates from the supermarket are OK though as long as they are good – thanks Michael!)

Make: and Craft:

Since most of the content on this page is from either Craft: or Make: magazines (books? mooks?), you might also want to consider a subscription for the crafter or maker in your life…

Magnetic LED Valentine Heart

Two halves, attracting each other together. Sweet.

Partner Detector

Well, they call it a “Hubby Detector”, but I’m going the politically correct route. Detects a transmitter your partner carries with them – when they get near home, it lights up.

Beating Soapy Love Heart

I’ve no idea why “beating soapy love heart” sounds quite so rude to me.

Heart Garland Tutorial

Looks like a reasonably easy one – sewing paper hearts together. Looks pretty good, though…

Craftzine Valentine’s Card Contest

Craftzine, the crafty sibling of MAKE: is holding a contest to find the craftiest way of using recycled materials to celebrate Feb 14th. Check out their inspirational links if you fancy trying your hand at something crafty yourself this weekend.

DIY Fondue Set

First, a great idea for a DIY fondue set, perfect for a romantic night of dippy goodness (via ReadyMade Blog):

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to spend the night than indulging in fondue-for-two by candlelight. All you will need to make your very own set is an old tin, some wire, and a tea light candle.

You will need: * An old tin * Wire (26 gauge or thicker) * Wire cutters * Pliers * A tea light candle

See all the instructions here.

Soda Ring

A step by step guide on how to make a ring out of a pop bottle.

Thanks to the beautiful people at Boing Boing, I might get a ring on my finger yet…

“Sam, will you…”

“Is that one from a Tesco Value Cola? Oh, come on! I’m worth a Pepsi Max at least!”

Duct Tape Roses

I wish these had been around last year, they would have been made a perfect wedding bouquet. Except my roses would have been in grey and black, because they seem to be the only colours the tape comes in around here.

Creative Sex

Fancy spicing things up on Valentine’s Day? This page should get your creative juices flowing. Just be careful with that there Bootlace Whip.

Sticky Note Love

Buy a pack of heart shaped post-it notes and leave messages for your beloved around the house. Be imaginative where you leave them. In draws, bags, behind the toilet, under their pillow, in their briefcase… the possibilities are endless. Not sure what to say? Buy a packet of Love Hearts for inspiration!

One for the Guitarists

Serenade your special one – learn a romantic classic like Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight – PDF of the music available from Fender Player’s Club. Alternatively, google for tab for your favourite love song – Google Groups are a good place to pick up tab without risking pop-ups and dodgy spyware…

More to come!