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“CMYK Squares” Pentel Color Brush, 140lb NOT watercolour paper

What is it?

Like its friend the Aquash, the Color Brush is a hollow-bodied brush pen. These, however, come full of water-soluble vibrant ink in a range of colours. In my collection I have Sky Blue, Purple, Lemon Yellow, Black and Olive Green.

Are they any good?

They’re great fun to use. Use them as they are for lots of bright, vivid colour and paint over with a wet brush for watercolour effects. They mix effortlessly and leave a solid, but slightly feathery line. In the image above, I’ve used the yellow, blue, purple and black and it has a velour-looking effect on this rough watercolour paper.

Perhaps these brush pens aren’t so suitable for real precision work, but they have excellent line variation, and for backgrounds or for textile effects, they do the job very well indeed.

Are they expensive?

At the SAA Shop the brushes retail for £5.35 each, and refills are £2.15 each. And for our friends in the US, they are also available at Dick Blick.

All things considered…

It’s definitely worth your while getting hold of a few of these, especially if you’re into watercolours but get a bit fed up of having the paints and the water and all the paraphernalia everywhere. All you need here are the brushes, some paper, and a good bit of scenery – or a vivid imagination!

  • Pentel Color Brush at the SAA Shop – it’s worth nothing too that if you join the SAA, you can get the brushes cheaper with a member discount. More on the SAA soon…