Home :: My new lucky charm arrives…

[image:2641 size=small]
The parcel arrives – and even that’s cool and splendid!

[image:2642 size=small]
You can just see his little legs. Bless.

[image:2643 size=small]
And look at his leedle hat! Squee!

[image:2644 size=small]
And here he is. A one-of-a-kind from the utterly wonderful cakeyvoice. She’s better known for her knitted zombies, but after she made a knitted White Stripes, I contacted her and said “Do Slash! Do Slash!”. He’s been a long time coming, but I’m glad he’s here. He’s currently perched atop one of my pen pots, scoping out his new surroundings and trying to avoid being spotted by either of the cats.

  • Go show cakeyvoice some love! And request your own knitted rock god. Or zombie. Or TV presenter. A knitted Richard Hammond would be pretty cool, and she wouldn’t need much wool for that :).

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