Home :: Job Hunting in the South West

I’ve had a couple of interviews – one for the good old Council Temp Register, and the other for a permanent audio typist job on the same trading estate as Michael’s work. Both went reasonably well, and I’m now at the ‘wait and see’ stage. All pretty much the same as I’m used to.

It’s the post-interview activities that make being down here so much fun! Michael’s on holiday for the week, so we’ve been out doing stuff after the interviews that have helped remind me of the other reasons for moving 200 miles to the South West. Yesterday, after taking typing tests (68wpm, by the way) and signing the usual mound of paperwork, we feasted at the Pizza Hut buffet lunch and then went to the seaside. Wandered on the beach, collected shells and watched Michael paddle in his big ol’ boots. Today we drove around the towns between Tiverton and Exeter, then went off tasting scrumpy in Taunton at Sheppy’s. What a way to wind down and forget about the job hunting! Wonderful. So glad we’re here.