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UPDATE – A re-organisation of the page and a link to a how-to on making your own fascinators (hair accessories).


Getting married this year? Congratulations! I know from experience that planning the big day can be a headache at times, but with a bit of creative thinking, it can be fun. Here are some handy links to craft projects to add the personal and creative touch to your special day, and potentially save a load of money too. Also, we share a few crafty tips from our own wedding.

Craft Links

Our Wedding

When we got married in April 2006, we added a few creative touches to the proceedings. Well, we would…

Gift Pack

We wanted to do something fun and unique for our guests that sums up who we are and what we do. I’m not going to reveal much more now, but here’s a handy way of creating a cute looking wedding favour using card, ribbon and glue. Find some card and ribbon that matches your colour scheme – ours is black and red, so we went for black card and red ribbon. Place your gift in the middle of the card and fold as though you were folding up a letter. Seal with a glue dot and tie with a piece of ribbon. Decorate with a place card, or if you’re handy with calligraphy, write the bride and groom’s name on each pack. They look very sweet – pictures to follow after the wedding.

Top Hats

I couldn’t resist getting some of these cute little black top hats for the table. To match the colour scheme I decorated them all with the same red ribbon I used on the packs. I ordered these from Carnmeal Craft and Wedding Accessories, and can recommend them – the prices were good, the service was excellent and the order arrived within a few days. More about Carnmeal in the links section.

Soundtrack CD

Decided to put together a soundtrack CD when we received our specially composed wedding music, made a mix CD with other relevant tracks (yes, yes, including November Rain) and packaged them using the CD package template found here.

Placecards etc

We designed a template for our placecards, image for the CD, and decoration for the gift pack using Photoshop. Michael came up with the pattern and I added small photos of ourselves. One important thing to remember when doing anything to print in image editing software is you have to do it on a larger scale for quality prints. JPGs don’t work well to print at all, it’s better to work with TIFF files if possible. More on printing to come soon.

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