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So then, who did those crazy gawky kids grow up to be?

[image:2661 size=original]
Give it up, ladies and gentleman for the one and only Kirk Hammett!

[image:2669 size=original]
Hubba, hubba and furthermore, hubba.

[image:2662 size=original]
So what happened to this ample-fro’d teen? Well…

[image:2586 size=small]
..see what a big ol’ dose of r n’ f-n r can do for you. It’s good for the soul. It was certainly good for the Saul. (badum-tish)

[image:2663 size=original]
Come on… the lips on this youngster were a dead giveaway!

[image:2670 size=small]
Yes, it’s Steven Tyler! Rock n’ roll’s sexiest grandpa.

[image:2664 size=original]
Invisible kid?

[image:2671 size=original]
Not anymore. Thank you Mister Hetfield, Sir. Please don’t bite me with those huge teeth of yours.

Meanwhile, in the comments…

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The clue in this one is the person who posted it. It was posted by WOTW, so who else could this little cutie be but 8 year old Jimmy Page?

[image:2672 size=original]
Thank you to oneidafish for digging out this charming crotch… I mean, young fella. This splendidly-dressed high schooler grew up to become the incomparable Tommy Lee. Marvellous.

Thanks once again to hair-band.com.

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