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Latest Update: Added a geekier alternative to the wine glass stem charms.

  • Geeky Wine Glass Stem Charms from Evil Mad Scientist Labs. Made from old LEDs, resistors, etc. Nice. Geeks can have friends too. (Found via ReadyMade Blog.)
  • Light-up Coasters – made from clear plastic, with LEDs inside, wired up so they glow when you put a drink on them. Handy if you party in the dark. (Via Gizmodo.)
  • Napkin Folding 101 – Some useful links from Lifehacker – including designs to sit in wine glasses, stand up on a plate, and to hold the cutlery.
  • Wine Glass Stem Charms – those things you can attach to the stems of wine glasses so people can identify their glass when they’ve left it lying around. (Thanks to Make:.)