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Here we list some of the more interesting craft forums we encounter on our meanderings around the web. There are tons of forums out there, covering every type of craft, so whatever you’re into, from rubber stamping to jewellery making, you’ll have no problem finding an online community to suit your needs.

Just a few links for now, but we’ll update as we find more.


An absolutely huge forum covering every type of craft possible. I’ll be honest, I haven’t explored this forum in any of the detail it deserves, for fear that I will be stuck in there for weeks. Looks like an excellent place though.

Get Crafty

Another big crafting site – not only does it have a forum, but there is also a wiki, blogs from members and various stories and HowTos. I’ve linked to articles from Get Crafty in the past, its a great resource.

UK Craft Forum

A forum for the ever-expanding craft scene in the UK.


A forum mainly for rubber stamping, but also has a section for ATCs.


A forum purely for makers of Artist Trading Cards.

Punk Rock Domestics

DIY stuff with a punk rock attitude. Let Ms Minx and Ms Vanilla introduce you to a whole new DIY experience.

Know of any other forums that craft fans should know about? Let us know by leaving a note in the comments. 🙂

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