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Tools and Toys

  • Craft Stores: Pretty much UK-only at the moment, but we’ll try to sort that out at some point. It’s a bit difficult, though, because we’re in the UK. We can’t afford to fly to America just to see what Dick Blick looks like.
  • Multitools

Tool Maintenance

  • A good knife sharpening tutorial on Instructables. Just remember what he says: “Safety note: Don’t chop your fricking thumb off.”



  • Easter: Damn, this page was popular in Easter 2006. For some reason, though, it became much less popular shortly after Easter. Hmm.
  • Wedding Crafts: We got married recently, so we had to craft it up by making our own favours, decorations, and bridal bouquet.


  • See what other people have been crafting on Flickr, at the ‘craft’ tag page.
  • How much more inspiring could anything get than the chance to have your own Ferrari? Well, ok, a knitted one.


  • Sharing Creativity Online: you can share pictures in various ways, but you might want to look especially at deviantART, as they’re the only one I know to specifically encourage handmade crafts.
  • Craft Forums: a look at some online communities for every kind of craft.

Going Pro

  • We’ve not used them ourselves, but craft sellers seem to love Etsy: a place to buy and sell hand made items.


  • CaseMods: Putting computers in prettier cases.