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Latest Update: Added a link to the perfect companion to the Cheapster PDA, the 2-Minute Paper Wallet.

OK, so it’s just a bit of folded paper, but if Merlin can name a stack of index cards and a clip the HipsterPDA, we can name this the CheapsterPDA. Based on an idea from the book Living Out Loud by Keri Smith.

How to Make

Clicky Piccy to see it in Flickr – there’s notes on each stip on there, so it should be quite a bit easer to follow…

The Finished CheapsterPDA

How about a wallet, too?

Build Your Own Pre-Printed Cheapster

  • PocketMod – an excellent Flash app where you can create your own version of the CheapsterPDA / PocketMod, selecting pages from a list of templates, and it will build and print it for you.

The MiLO from SuccessMinders

  • MiLO – the Micro Life Organizer from SuccessMinders – a PDF to make a Cheapster-style organiser, with some ToDo list forms, and a handy little weekly calendar.

Necronomicon Notebooks

Same folds, different templates – the Necronomicon Notebooks. (Thanks to Boing Boing.)

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