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A few new toys I ordered recently arrived today from eBuyer. I was taking advantage of the introductory offer on Google Checkout – make any order over £30, and Google will pay £10 towards it. The best part is that you can use the offer as many times as you like, and they’ll pay £10 of your bill ever time (for a limited time, anyway).

My mouse at work was the one bundled with the Dell PC, which wasn’t good, so I got a very cheap wireless optical one with extra buttons. It’s not great, and the driver is useless – it actually made Windows XP blue-screen – but it’s still pretty great value for money – only around £7.

For a long time, we’ve been squashing things into the available disk space on Sam’s machine, which acts as a server for all our shared data. We finally have a bigger disk to spread out onto. We haven’t fitted it yet, because it will mean removing one of the optical drives, but it should make things a bit easier once we do, probably over the weekend.

My Tablet PC, Moog, has been a bit short on RAM since I got it. 512Mb isn’t a lot for Windows these days. Firefox can use that much on its own, so when I start trying to do big stuff in The GIMP, things get a bit stretched. So, I also ordered an extra 512Mb, giving Moog 1Gb to play in. Things feel a lot snappier now, and opening a GIMP file that was very hard work before is nice and speedy now.

I also ordered an adaptor to plug a PS/2 mouse and keyboard into a USB socket. Moog only has USB, no PS/2, and I have a very nice Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard which is PS/2 only. I’d bought one of these before, but it seems there are two types. The one I picked up before was just a physical adaptor, which relies on the mouse or keyboard being USB as well as PS/2, but just not being wired up to that kind of plug. The one I got this time has a lump in its cable, and actually works. I’m typing this on my Microsoft keyboard, which feels pretty good after a long time of using only Moog’s built-in keyboard.

We also got a very cheap car power adaptor for Sam’s iPod, which should prove useful next time we have a long journey – back up to Bingham, say. Oh, and a ‘Y’ adaptor for headphones, which should let Sam connect her speakers and headphones to the computer at the same time. No idea if that will work out ok or if they’ll both be run at too low a volume to be usable, but worth a shot for 50p.

So, yes, get your orders in whilst there is still £10 off. Just remember to edit your basket and turn the shipping down from next day to something a bit more reasonable, or you pay way over the top – I forgot the second time.