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Got things to buy? If you buy things through the links on this page, we get a bit of a cut, which we’ll be very happy about. It won’t cost you any extra, and does us a favour, so we’re all happy – sound good?


Thought so.

Some of these are people we have actually used, and recommend, and others we haven’t tried – we’ll tell you which is which. Most of these will probably deliver internationally, but we’ll still split them into US and UK (US because most of our readers are there, UK because that’s where we are, along with the second-largest number of our visitors.)


Some sites really don’t have any local preference – online services, for example, don’t care what country you’re in.

  • SmugMug: has a reputation for being the best photo sharing site out there. They’d have to be, since there are plenty of places doing all that stuff for free, and they want money. They don’t want a lot of money, mind. I think I’ll be sticking with Flickr, for the social aspects of the site, but if I was more keen on having the best online albums to point family and friends at, or wanted to look a bit more professional, I’d be giving SmugMug a try.


  • Amazon.com: I’m sure you know Amazon already – it’s quick, easy, and their prices are usually good. There’s not much not to like about them. We haven’t actually shopped there, but we have at the UK version, and have always been happy.
  • Dick Blick: Art and craft materials – a vast selection thereof. We’ve never used them because they’re in the wrong country for us, but people in the US seem to love them.
  • ThinkGeek: If you’re a geek, you probably already know of them – binary watches, toys for cubicles, and many forms of caffeine to eat, drink, and rub all over your body.
  • Calumet Photographic: a great specialist photographic dealer in the US and the UK, Calumet usually have great prices. My experience with them here in the UK has been very good, too – great service in their Nottingham branch.
  • eBay: Not risk-free, but some great bargains to be had. Experience depends entirely on who you’re actually buying from.


  • Amazon.co.uk: You’ve already used Amazon, haven’t you? Good experience? It usually is – we’ve shopped there many times, and it’s always been good. If you still mainly think of them as books and CDs, you need to have another look – they have expanded a lot.
  • Argos: You can’t really live in the UK without having experienced Argos, surely? The catalogs with the laminated pages. Mmmm… Laminated pages… Sorry. For a while they seemed to let the whole Internet shopping thing pass them by when they should have been leading everyone, but they’re getting the hang of it a bit better now. You can generally arrange to pick things up from your local store, too, which saves you going there just to find they’re out of stock.
  • Hotel Chocolat: You can join their chocolate tasting club, or send chocolate gifts to people, like a delicious version of Interflora. For the more health-conscious, they also offer assortments of fruit now.
  • eBay: Not risk-free, but some great bargains to be had. Experience depends entirely on who you’re actually buying from.
  • Cult Pens: OK, so we don’t actually get a cut from here, but Michael works there, so it kind of works indirectly.