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If it’s a simple compact you’re after, then which one probably doesn’t matter to you too much – you’re not interested in features and brands. There are some pretty bad cameras out there if you don’t stick to the right brands, though, and some of the people you’ve heard of don’t make great cameras.

PigPog’s Pick

Our top pick in this category is the Panasonic DLC LS60 – it’s reasonably small, and has as many features as you’re likely to want, but doesn’t bother you with them. Just point it at things and press the button. Connect it to your computer, and it appears as another drive, so you can drag your photos to where you want them. It has optical image stablising – you may not care about that, but it will let you get sharp pictures where camera shake would have ruined them.

  • Pixel count doesn’t matter as much as people like to think, but its 6 megapixels is plenty.
  • 3x optical zoom is pretty standard now, but you wouldn’t really want any less.
  • It takes SD cards – they’re cheaper than the cards used by some other cameras, so you won’t spend as much on extras.

Also Consider

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, you should look at what Canon and Nikon have to offer, and Pentax have some nice cameras in this sort of range too. If size is important to you, you might also want to look at our page on Ultra-Compact cameras.