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Rather than trying to make a comprehensive list of all the available cameras by manufacturer, which was always going to be impossible for us to keep up to date, we’re going for a simpler approach – cameras by type, but only listing our top few picks in each category. We won’t attempt to provide much in-depth information, but we’ll link to people who do. We won’t try to tell you about every model, but we’ll tell you which you should be looking at.

So, all you need to know is what sort of camera you’re looking for…

  • Simple Compact: you don’t want much out of a camera – just to point it at things and press a button. You don’t really care about lots of features and buttons, because you’re not interested in photography, just photos.
  • Advanced Compact: you still want something small and portable, but you want something that you can learn with, and be a bit more creative with.
  • Ultra-Compact: you want your camera to go everywhere with you, so it has to be small.
  • Super-Zoom Compact: you don’t really want the bulk of an SLR, and you don’t need to change lenses, but you do want plenty of zoom range to make your camera more flexible in different circumstances.

  • Basic DSLR: you want to be able to change lenses, and you want the quality you can only get from a decent sized sensor, but you don’t need too many features – for now, at least.
  • Mid-range DSLR: you want a few more features, and you have a bit of money to spare. You might also want your camera to be able to take a few more knocks than some of the cheaper ones can cope with. You might even want to do some professional stuff – maybe getting into doing weddings?
  • High-end DSLR: you either have quite a bit of money to spare and want something really good, or you’re a pro and need something really good.