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Coming to the end of my first month on Slimming World, and startling just about everyone who knows me by actually sticking to it. My total weight loss so far stands at 17 and a half pounds, but I have another weigh-in tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens then. I’ve stopped predicting how much I’ll lose, because in truth I don’t know. All I can do is stick to the plan and just let the weight loss happen. At least I know it will, in its own time.

Photo Progress


[image:2722 size=original]
Me, two weeks before starting.


And here I am the other night, just over 3 weeks in.

It’s working, then.

Body Magic

One of the biggest changes in my habits is the increase in activity, and I must say that everything you’ve heard about exercise is true. Getting up and getting moving (especially going on my morning and afternoon break walks at work) makes me me feel good, and sitting on my arse for too long makes me feel lethargic and depressed. I’m still keeping any exercise I do really gentle, especially since going out during a recent spell of bad weather caused my sciatica to reappear. My activity has mainly been walking, shopping 😉 (yes, it counts!) and, well, the inevitable gymnastics that follow Michael getting the guitar out and attempting to master a Slash riff (yes, that counts too). “Get in the bed! Get in the bed!”

It all gets written down and added, and tomorrow night I should be getting my Body Magic Bronze Certificate – yes, certificates again! I love ’em!

Food Adventures

I figured since I’ll be doing this for a long, long, long time, I may as well have a little bit of fun trying out new foods and stuff I haven’t had in ages, and this week that has included…

  • Ostrich Ham – tastes like thinly cut steak. Beautiful.
  • Tilapia – a very tasty fish that has the advantage of being available in boneless fillets.
  • Orange – I haven’t eaten an orange in ages, but since I came home with the fruit basket after winning Slimmer of the Week again, I decided to put one in my fruit salad, yum.

However, I think something I have eaten must have had some funny side effect, after seeing this in town yesterday…

The subs!  They're ALIVE!

Oh, come on. That’s as bad as eating cream cakes at the window of a Weight Watchers meeting. Wandering around town dressed as a sandwich?!? You swine! Then this creature gives me a booklet of vouchers for discounts on nothing but subs, not salads, just syn-laden subs. That’s just mean. What’s going to be waiting for me in town next weekend? A troupe of dancing cheeseburgers? *sigh*

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