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The video for Velvet Revolver‘s first single from Libertad, She Builds Quick Machines, is up on YouTube for viewing. So, in order to provide objective and constructive feedback on this marvellous piece of work, I’ve watched it a few times. It’s a dirty job, my friends, but someone’s gotta do it.

As mentioned previously the director, Dean Karr, was planning something special for our top-hatted friend…

During the slowed down bridge of the song, Slash enters through the saloon style doors in super slow motion. He wears matching, black Les Paul’s. With his distinctive high-hat he creates a memorable image. The Baddies at first laugh, then slowly get up to stop him. Suddenly Slash (or his stunt double) will symmetrically begin spinning the guitars in a manner similar to a “Bruce Lee” nunchuk scene meets “V for Vendetta’s” classic knife fight. One of the bandit’s draws a knife, but is pinned against the wall as Slash flings one of the guitars through his midsection. The second bandit will fire shots at Slash, who deflects them all with his second guitar. He then lets that one rip through the air, putting the second guard out of commission, just in time to grab a third guitar off his back and hit his stinging solo, now in real time. This scene will require a little wicked postproduction, ultimately giving us one of his most memorable music video moments conceived to date!

Slash wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea, as he told VH1 in a recent interview:

“There was no way I was going to be doing that,” Slash said. “There’s certain things you do with guitars, and there’s a line where there’s cool and uncool — and that stepped over that line.”

Aw, Slash… well, at least there weren’t any dolphins or aircraft carriers involved this time, eh?

Even without the much-anticipated “Guitar Ninjaaa” scene, the video is still fantastic, the band look cool and there’s plenty to keep us squee addicts happy too.

[image:2727 size=original]

Slash, of course, looking as cool and sexy as ever. He doesn’t need any theatrics to make an impact. Although he does kick a bit of arse, but not until after his solo. The man has priorities, you know.

[image:2729 size=original]

Feeling lucky, punk? Looks like Scott had fun doing his Clint Eastwood bit.

[image:2728 size=original]

But here’s the big squee moment of the vid. Yep, even Slash has lost out this time. Get a load of Cowboy Duff McKagan! Rowr!