Home :: Slimming World Week 5 – The Long Haul

Back from another session at Slimming World armed with another bag of fruit after being Slimmer of the Week for a third time. With another 2lb gone, it takes my overall weight loss to 1 and a half stone (a.k.a. 21lb, a.k.a. 9kg). It looks like my weight loss has started to slow down from the big 6lb losses of my first few weeks to a still quite acceptable, steady, one or two pounds a week. Fair enough, I can live with that, as long as it’s a loss each week, I should still be on track for making a huge difference to my life within the year, and be heading towards my target within two.

This week I’m going to try to stick to the idea of having two thirds of my plate filled with veg (mainly salad) and keeping one third for lean meat or fish. Next week I might give the Success Express plan a try, which I’ll try to explain in more detail another time, when I’ve had more time to figure it out.

Bring on week six!