Home :: Slimming World Week 7 – Slimming by Squee

Just come to the end of my seventh week on Slimming World, which has been quite a long one since I didn’t go to my meeting on Monday. I was busy challenging my stamina to its limit at my first proper rock concert. Unfortunately I only managed as far as 20 minutes in to VR’s set, but I went, I saw, I sweated and I squee’d.

I’m definitely settling into Food Optimising as a habit now as far as catering for myself goes, but it’s still difficult to get my head around when it comes to eating out. But I’m getting there. I’m not being as strict as I was about syns, allowing myself to have a few every day to make sure I still get my treats. I wasn’t expecting much at the scales this week because of last week’s big loss, but when I went to group this morning, I was pleasantly surprised. I had lost 5 ½ lbs, which takes my total loss to two and a half stone otherwise known as 35lbs or 15.87kg, and I won Slimmer of the Week again!

I think I lost most of those 5 ½ lbs in sweat at the concert, so I guess I have Slash to thank for that! I could cope with regular rocking out with VR as a weight loss method. Would be more fun than the gym – as long as Scott leaves his megaphone behind and stops banging on about how going to a rock and roll show makes you feel alive. In the words of beings far superior to myself, “Sha-aaap!”

Aaanyway, I’m now just 9lb away from my first target, so I’m raring to go for more fun and games with the free foods, the speed foods, the superfree foods and a bit of body magic. The journey continues…