The Whatever Thread

I think that apart from whatever/random thoughts section we just need a topic for our random thoughts.

so I’ll start: where’s everyone?! no one’s here 🙁

and tomorrow’s my first day at real work. it’s a smile and a frown one, so I’m wrting about it in here. gosh, i’m even scared, hope it will go good 🙂

Slimming World Week 13

Week 13 is nearly over, and it’s been another good one. Weigh-in on Monday saw another 3 and a half pounds off, which takes my total loss to 3 stone, 6 and a half pounds or 48 and a half pounds or 21.99kg.


I decided a few weeks ago after my last gain to try to avoid having Syns altogether. It just seemed better that way, as I’d end up choosing food that was better for me instead. This approach is working most of the time, but there have been occasions this week when my old pal Jack came a’calling, and an odd moment on Thursday night when I said “It’s okay, it’s only Nimble” enough times to part company with more Syns than I’d had that previous fortnight. Still, all things considered it’s not been a bad week, but I felt a need to indulge in some activity today so Michael and meself headed off for what I hope will become a regular Saturday BigWalk.


…don’t know about u, but I like them very much!I like the current line up but I LOVE the original one:)Rachel Bolan rocks!!!So, what about u?

Cult Pens PenFinder

The project I’ve been working on for quite a while now at work has just been completed, and it’s now live for you to play with…

PenFinder lets you find pens and other products by a whole lot of different methods. You could find, for example(s)…


Because we know he likes to stop by and have a read of GuitarPr0n on a morning, so post your birthday greetings to The Lovely Mr Hudson here!

Happy birthday, Slash. 42 today! According to the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. You, however, are the answer to another ultimate question – “Who’s the greatest guitar player on planet earth?” 😉 Hope you have a good one.