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Latest Update: Stamping your clothes by stamping on your clothes…


  • Sneaker Stamps – using the tread of your trainers as decorative stamps. Clever idea. Found via Craftzine.
  • Dress up your small dog in a sock – Hmm. Or if you’re feeling really brave, try it on your cat.
  • Tech Socks – Make the inevitable Xmas gift of socks more appealing to your geek man by making these fab retro computer game socks! Via Boing Boing
  • Making a Corset – well, I can’t say that it looks professional, but it looks kind of cool anyway. And any project that requires wrapping a girl in duct tape is ok with me 🙂 And, as an added bonus, you get to use the word ‘boning’ several times.
  • Homemade Animal Costumes – it’s big, it’s funny, it’s clever. It’s a costume made out of stockings and driving gloves. Via Boing Boing.
  • T-Shirt stencils from freezer paper – An easy way of printing custom designs onto t-shirts. It’s even possible to print on freezer paper – just as long as you use the right side.
  • Tyre Sandals – A clever HowTo showing how to turn old tires into a pretty cool-looking pair of Sandals. Just don’t wear them with socks, because you’ll look like an idiot. Via Make:.
  • T-Shirt Reconstruction – Various creative uses for old t-shirts. I particularly liked the “Check Out How Much I Used to Rock-Out Quilt”.


  • Blood Scarf – a scarf made out of material that appears to be the tubing used in intravenous devices and appears to be coloured by the wearer’s blood. Hmm. I guess it could make a cool Halloween costume. Found on Craftzine.
  • Paracord Bracelet – looks pretty good, though I’m not so sure about the clasp. Found via Make:.
  • Bag made from old ties – You will need to be a bit handy with a sewing machine for this one, but the results look pretty cool. If I had a machine, I’d be tempted to run one up using all the ties that Michael doesn’t wear any more. Via Boing Boing.
  • Tie Stay made from an old shirt – Personally, I’ve always liked the flappy aspect of ties. Not much is likable about wearing a tie, but a tie clip seemed to restrain the fun factor for me. If you disagree, though, or if you need your tie keeping in place so it doesn’t dangle in things or get blown in your face, this is an ingenious solution. (Via Lifehacker.)
  • Belt made from bicycle parts – a rather sexy belt made from an old bike tyre and two cogs. Via Make:, of course.



  • DIY Earring Holder – I love this funky framed earring holder, it’s almost worthing buying a bag of apples just to have fun with the bag… Found on Craftzine.
  • LED Earrings – last for over 12 hours, and fairly quick and easy to make if you can solder.
  • Bracelet made from used electric guitar strings – maybe the next project should be a G-string made from G-strings? (Thanks to Make:.)
  • CD Earring Holder and Light Reflector – a cute idea for storing earrings using old CDs and a drill. Via Make:.
  • Computer Printed Earrings from kaleesi at Craftster. Made from photo paper, packing tape and duct tape. If I made them, they’d look as scrappy as they sound, but there’s photos that show they can look surprinsingly good when made properly. (Thanks to Make:.)
  • Coin Ring – Make a ring out of a 50 cent coin. 50 Cent bling with a 50 cent coin, unlikely to ever be seen on 50 Cent because it’s only 50 Cents… or something. Via Make:, anyway.

Jewellery to buy

  • Recycled Object Jewellery – made from electrical components, surgical tubing and ear plugs! I love the ear plug earrings. Very useful! Via ReadyMadeBlog.
  • Amy Pfaffman JewelryMake: sez: “We can’t believe the necklace is made from old toothbrushes. We also love the neon bulb bracelet. She makes everything from guitar picks, hinges, resistors, to recycled glass, and more!”

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