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  1. natalie has had the hugest squee known to man!! an is on the floor in a puddle of drool

  2. Aww I see..Again Scott..If I say he looks bad you would tell me “bad”??Ok.. Duff’s pic is great!!!!! ~Sweet forum o’ mine…I’m back~

  3. In hindsight, I’m amazed I was able to manage as many as I did. Everytime he turned around and walked up to his amps, I was like asldkfjaplsiruesan! THUD And by the time I remembered to try and take a shot, he’d move away. That man? Has a nice ass, and he moves it so well. OMFG, does he move it well! The pictures don’t even begin to do it justice.

    Actually, taking the shots was a bit of a crap shoot. I was having problems with my camera, and I was surprised they came out so well as they looked blurry to to me through the viewfinder and the view screen.

  4. And yes they are watermarked. Why? Because I took them. It’s not like I took someone else’s pictures and slapped my named all over the damned things. I have never disputed the photographer’s right to watermark his or her photographs. Whined about it, yes, but never disputed. Besides which I tried to make them unobtrusive and they are easy as hell to remove, so the point is kind of moot. Oh well.

  5. wicked pics (they put a smile back on my face) nice ones of duff!

  6. woo:)Really nice..I want to see VR live immediately!


  7. That was me. I didn’t realize my login had expired. Again.

  8. Here’s another nice set of shots of VR live. Click on each pic for close-up goodness!

    [image:2458 size=small]
    Sam Randall
    Ain’t Life Grand?

  9. We don’t have that ‘keep me logged in’ function that the other forum had.

    Another lovely set of pics there. Very nice… *thud*

    [image:2458 size=small]
    Sam Randall
    Ain’t Life Grand?

  10. and you where that close??? oh, you are sooooooooo lucky!!!!!! who cares about the watermark!!! so how was it?did they play patience?

  11. I envy your ability to be that close to Slash and still be able to operate a camera. At Manchester, when he graced the stage I could barely move let alone produce camera, point and shoot. Good work.

    Love the closeup with the double neck.

    [image:2458 size=small]
    Sam Randall
    Ain’t Life Grand?

  12. Yes, they played Patience, and yes they were awesome! That’s my take on the whole thing but I’ve been hearing mixed reactions. The consensus is generally good though some people thought they were off or that Scott was off. While it is true I could not hear him very well above the music, I really can’t say they were off. Either people are trying to be cool and shit talk (a habit I’m getting tired of), or they are not taking the inherant problems in setting up a sound system into account. The acoustics change when there’s an audience present, and if the artist is a bit dogy about doing sound check, they only have themselves to blame if they sound like shit. I hear Slash is fairly religious about it but the other’s are not so good, so who knows? Even then, it’s more art then science.

  13. The big shit wouldn’t sit still long enough to get a good shot of him but by God, he has long legs. But he needs to give up the low rise pants or at least the ridiculously low rise pants. They give him child bearing hips.

  14. Oh, you are soooooo lucky!!!!! jesus, i live in the wrong country!!! 🙁

  15. that made me laugh. he posed heaps on stage in Manchester. someone actually referred to him as a “camera whore”

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