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Via Yahoo music from the beautiful people at Reuters: 😉

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The last time that Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland was in the news it didn’t have much to do with his musical accomplishments.

Weiland and his model wife Mary got into a brawl at a Los Angeles-area hotel in March, and a room was trashed. Even worse, his wife set fire to $50,000 worth of Weiland’s beloved vintage suits.

But on the promotional trail for Velvet Revolver’s second album, “Libertad,” Weiland, 39, says it was merely a lovers’ spat. In reality, he told Reuters that the couple and their two kids live fairly normal lives by rock-star standards:

Q: On his marriage

A: “We’re incredible soulmates, but we’re both a little bit crazy. We’re best friends, we’re lovers, we’re husband and wife. But in a sense we’re both tortured souls.”

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