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Week 13 is nearly over, and it’s been another good one. Weigh-in on Monday saw another 3 and a half pounds off, which takes my total loss to 3 stone, 6 and a half pounds or 48 and a half pounds or 21.99kg.


I decided a few weeks ago after my last gain to try to avoid having Syns altogether. It just seemed better that way, as I’d end up choosing food that was better for me instead. This approach is working most of the time, but there have been occasions this week when my old pal Jack came a’calling, and an odd moment on Thursday night when I said “It’s okay, it’s only Nimble” enough times to part company with more Syns than I’d had that previous fortnight. Still, all things considered it’s not been a bad week, but I felt a need to indulge in some activity today so Michael and meself headed off for what I hope will become a regular Saturday BigWalk.

Saturday BigWalk… I could see this catching on.

Prior to starting Slimming World the thought of walking into town from our flat was laughable. No way. If I made it into town I certainly wouldn’t make it back again. A few weeks ago, however, we decided to give it a try, walking to the supermarket on the edge of the town centre. Despite being caught in a nasty downpour on the way back, we survived and the scales were particularly nice to me that week as a result. Today, we decided to give it another go, but this time all the way into the town centre, with as many tea stops as we needed along the way. Getting down Canal Hill and across into town seemed so easy it was a bit embarrassing to think it was ever a challenge. We wandered around for a while, with a couple of coffee stops at the same lovely vegetarian restaurant (didn’t eat there but the food looked delicious…), and stopped to eat at our favourite canalside tea shop (home of the infamous teapots). A total of 2.3 miles according to the Gmaps Pedometer, not bad going especially as it involved walking back up the foothills of Mount Tiverton!

Meanwhile, in cyberspace…

Last night while poking around in Facebook I found a Slimming World group! Cool, a whole new group of people to blether about Syns and Healthy Extras with! 🙂

Anyway, I’m hoping for another good loss this coming Monday. The journey continues…