Guitar Tips

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Latest Update: linking to a step by step guide on how to change the strings.

A collection of tips for those keen strummers out there.

Playing Guitar

  • Guitar Noise think they have the Best Way to Learn Guitar. They mix in real music notation along with the tab, which I always find a little offputting, and there doesn’t seem to be much on scales, but there are some very good lessons in the form of learning actual songs. If you want to be able to play a song or two reasonably quickly, or you’re more interested in rhythm guitar than lead, there’s plenty here. (Via Lifehacker, and as usual, there’s more tips from their readers in the comments.)

Giving More Engaging Presentations

Latest Update: A link to Merlin Mann’s various presentation tips.

Giving a presentation can be a great way to use a bit more creativity at work than you might usually be able to do – or it can be a chance to drone on at the front of a room full of people, reading from the slides on the screen, that they’ve just read slightly ahead of you.

You choose.

Slimming World Week 17 – Keep to the path, young slimmer…

It’s been another sod of a week, with most of it being spent wondering what the hell was really going on with my mum. As she told me more about her operation and what tests were being done, I just wanted to ditch everything, get up there and hug her for as long as I could as hard as I could. Under the circumstances, however, that would have been a very bad idea indeed.

So instead I stayed down here and fretted myself silly. The test results were due back on Thursday, but Mum didn’t manage to wrestle them out of the hospital until yesterday, and it was good news. Yes, there was cancer there, but they’ve got it all, and that should be the end of that pending a scan and another bloody big op to reverse what they did to her the other week.

Notebook Review – Paperblanks French Ornate Wrap

Paperblanks French Ornate Wrap

I have been fascinated with the Paperblanks range of notebooks ever since Simon at Cult Pens sent me a copy of their catalogue a couple of years ago. Their notebooks are made to stand out in a crowd – with lush, colourful covers and bindings that set them apart from the usual spiral or case bound offerings.