Home :: Slimming World Week 14 – Fab!

Another week gone, and I feel like I’ve been able to stay in control a little better this week. I decided last week that I was going to loosen up just a smidge, and allow myself an allocation of Syns if I felt like it. It seems to have worked, but I’ll find out for sure tomorrow night.

Last Monday’s weigh-in saw a loss of 2lb which takes my total weight loss to 3st 8 and a half lbs, or 50.5lbs or 22.9kg. I received my seventh weight loss certificate, and another sticker for my book.

The first half of the week saw me hobbling around in pain, having sprained my knee from the various ‘BigWalks’ we did that previous weekend. My GP recommended some ibuprofen gel and now it’s a lot better, which is a good job because it’s been another active weekend.

Friday night was spent at the local football club. No, not because we’ve developed a sudden fascination with The Beautiful Game, we were there to check out the Beatles tribute band playing at the clubhouse. And lo, another tribute act rolled out of Tiverton that night thinking…

“Did you see that big girl on the dancefloor? She was really going for it!”

Yes, I danced my less-ample-than-it-has-been-but-nonetheless-still-ample butt off to their spot-on renditions of Get Back, Please Please Me and Can’t Buy Me Love, among others. And, in the time-honoured fashion adopted by all Beatles tribute acts, naaa-naaaa-naa-NAHNAHNAHHHHNAHHH’d along with the crowd at the end.

The lads (and they were, with the exception of ‘Ringo’, really young lads – without the moptop wigs and the suits they looked more like an Arctic Monkeys tribute band) were all excellent musicians, but ‘George’ well and truly stole the show. He is an awesome guitar player, which only helps to add to the authenticity. As the show came to a close, ‘George’ looked across at me and gave me a smile and a thumbs up. Yeah, if you’re reading this lads, can you come back to Tivvy Town, say, weekly? It’s much more fun than going to the gym!

On Saturday we got up late and took a trip to Taunton. Michael wanted to upgrade his mobile (which he did and no doubt a blog post will follow shortly), and I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe. I’ve reached that wonderful point in my weight-loss odyssey where I need to buy some new gear before my old stuff falls off me. Unfortunately summer fashions aren’t the most flattering, so my options were limited. But I did come away with enough to keep me going. I wonder if I’ll ever feel brave enough to wear the skirt outside the house?

And today we had lunch out again. This time at the Fisherman’s Cot just outside town. The carvery is a fabulous way to enjoy a meal out without screwing things up on an Original day. I enjoyed a plateful of beef, turkey and loads of fresh vegetables. Michael helped by smothering his yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes in horseradish sauce. And today’s post-lunch walk took place at the quay in Exeter. What it lacked in distance in made up for in hill. It was quite a climb back to the car park.

So, all in all I’m hoping for a good loss again this week. Fingers crossed. The journey continues…