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After this week’s fun and games it seemed only right that we should pay a visit to Glastonbury. I guess I was hoping to soak up the positive vibes and general groovy ambience of the town centre, and cosmically send them to Mum, who is recovering well from her op earlier in the week. I loved the town, and its High Street filled with unique stores selling, as Captain Cynical put it “Crystals and New Age hippy crap”. Yeah man, ain’t it great?

I did shop there, but didn’t come away with tarot cards or crystals or incense. My money went on journals. Two, in fact. First from the squeetastically named Lane and Hammett Stationers – a Derwent Moleskinealike complete with two pockets (one in the front and one in the back). Then, in the Abbey giftshop I found myself faced with a rotating stack of pure, unadulterated journal pr0n – Paperblanks. I have been dying to get my hands on a Paperblanks journal for years. Last year Michael bought me a diary, which is lovely, but not as droolsome as the smythe-sewn French Ornate Wrap. So I bought one, and a review will come soon.

In the meantime, while I’m talking about magical matters and angels and the like, I’d just like to mention a few people who have been magical angels themselves this week:

  • Michael, as ever. Always supportive, my best friend and soulmate never lets me down.
  • Derek Osborne – Mum’s dear friend has been an absolute star during this time, and his kindness will never be forgotten.
  • All the doctors and nursing staff at King’s Mill. Yes, it’s your job, but she says she feels like she’s on holiday so you must be doing your job exceptionally well. Thank you. 🙂
  • Jacki from my Slimming World group for the phone call.
  • And everyone who’s offered their best wishes. Even those of you she doesn’t know.
  • And of course, Mum. For being as tuff as ow’d boots. Love you loads. QUACK (don’t ask..)

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