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I think it’s pretty fair to say that Slimming World wasn’t a priority for me for the first half of the week. Spending good, long times fretting over my mum’s op took top priority certainly on Tuesday and Wednesday. By Thursday, when she was recovering nicely from her surgery and things had settled down a bit, I decided it was time to devote some thought to the plan. While I had no control over what Mum was going through, I could control the plan and I knew that she’d kill me if she thought that what she was going through had caused me to fall off the wagon.

I took a couple of days off work, to try and put my head back together and shake off the worry that had been hanging over me for the week, and headed out for a nice long walk on Friday. We did the same on Saturday, stopping briefly in Taunton to sort out Michael’s phone, and then headed off the Glastonbury for some cosmic goodness. Sunday and today were spent just lounging around. So today I felt pretty good – Mum’s now home from hospital and we’re keeping everything crossed that the tests come back with good news. Other good news today was that a job had come up at the Council that I had my eye on for some time, and, of course, there was what Mr Scale had to say to me tonight.

9 and a half pounds gone! This whopping loss made up for the maintain last week and takes my total weight loss up to 4 stones 4 pounds or 60lb or 27.2kg. And I won Slimmer of the Week for the 8th time! This plan is excellent! (insert air guitar gesture here)

I know these huge losses aren’t going to happen often, and that it will slow down as my weight descends further, but every loss is a step away from the weights and the sizes I will never see again. I’m so unbelievably chuffed right now, and motivated to keep right on going, especially since another certificate and sticker is just 3lb away.

The journey continues!

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