Slimming World 24th September 2007

After another fun week of what felt like a far more self-indulgent version of the Food Optimising plan, I wasn’t expecting a grand result on Monday night. But that’s exactly what I got – another 3.5lbs off! This takes my overall total weight loss to:

5 stones, 4.5lb or 74.5lb or 33.79kg

More Monochrome Meddling

We had our usual walk by the canal today, and I did a bit more playing with monochrome when we returned. I took this photo of grass for the pattern and contrast, so it was a prime candidate for black and white:

Grass Swirl Mono

The last part of our journey is by street, and this chimney pot caught my eye – an H in the sky:

43Folders Gets Drupal

43Folders has just relaunched using Drupal. It’s looking really good so far – Merlin drafted in a few people who actually know what they’re doing with Drupal, where PigPog just had me and a poking-stick to try to make things work. If you’re into productivity pr0n and GTD stuff in any way, I’m sure you’re already a big fan of Merlin’s site, but it’s certainly worth going and having a fresh look.