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Summary: Expect PigPog to change around a bit over the next little while – some things will move, and it may start to look a bit different. It’ll probably take a week or so to settle down, but we’re doing a bit of ‘rebranding’. PigPog is becoming PigPog Visual Arts, and tightening its focus to concentrate on less things, but hopefully to cover them better. We’ll be trying to make it a bit more about us, too (Michael and Sam), and putting more of our stuff out there rather than just talking about it.

If you’re interested in why we’re doing this, and what’s likely to change, keep reading…

If you’re at all regular around here, you’ll probably have noticed that PigPog hasn’t been updated very much in recent times. There’s no shortage of things available for us to cover – anything creative is our area. We have reached the conclusion that this is probably our biggest problem.

The Problem

By focusing on such a wide area, we’ve given ourselves some difficulties:

  • If the site was really covering a decent amount of stuff in all the different types of creativity we claim to cover, the stuff on the front page would flow past so fast you’d never see it all. We’d be overflowing people’s RSS readers and getting new content all over their carpets.
  • We’re not experts on much of this stuff. We don’t mind covering stuff we’re not really expert at, but we’re trying to cover stuff here that we’ve never tried and have no experience or knowledge of at all.
  • If we’re being honest, we’re not even interested in some of these things. Neither of us really have much interest in a lot of the craft stuff we’re trying to cover, which probably makes our writing on the subject truly awful. You’d probably rather read about stuff from someone with some passion for it.
  • Even if we were interested, and knew about all this stuff, we just wouldn’t have time to keep updating the site. We both work full time again now, so we only have a limited amount of time to put into the site – especially if we’re going to actually do anything creative rather than just writing about it.

Possible Solutions

So, what to do? We spent some time considering our options, and we had a few ideas:

  • Keep the site as is, but get more people to help out with it. Other people could take over covering some of the stuff we know nothing about, and we could keep doing some of the stuff we can do. The difficulty here is finding people who want to spend their time writing for our site, without wanting anything much in return. Then we’d have to manage them and keep track of who was doing what and when.
  • Drop the Craft section. This is the biggest problem area for us, so losing it would reduce the problem a lot. We’d still have much too much stuff to cover, though.
  • Narrow the focus to just the things we’re really interested in, while keeping a few other ‘side projects’ on the go in another section. This feels like the best choice for us right now.

Change of Focus

What’s the focus going to be? Well, we kind of already gave it away in the summary at the top, but ‘PigPog – Creativity Anywhere’ will be changing to ‘PigPog Visual Arts’. Our biggest area will probably be photography, but touching on other stuff like drawing and painting (so I still have an excuse to go on endlessly about pens).


The changes will be happening bit by bit, and may take a while to complete. We’re not organised enough to have any sort of test or staging environment for PigPog, so you’ll see the changes as they happen, probably including a few tries at things that don’t quite work out.

  • We won’t be deleting much, if anything at all. The content we have now in areas we don’t intend to cover in future will still be here, just not quite as easy to get to. We’ll have a link at the top of the front page to get to the ‘other stuff’.
  • URLs shouldn’t change, at least as far as we can avoid it. If you have any articles bookmarked, the bookmarks should still work just fine.
  • Our personal stuff – blogs and photos and such like – will come out front a little more. We’ve been hiding a bit, which doesn’t make much sense when PigPog is really about us and what we’re interested in.


We may take the chance to have a go at upgrading the software PigPog runs on, Drupal, to the latest version while we’re doing all this. If you arrive and see blank pages, or database errors and such like, that’s probably why. Just try again after a little while. We’ll try very hard not to break things for too long.

The Future

Well, we don’t really know how things will work out, but we hope this will bring PigPog back in line with what we love doing, which should make it fun for us again. That should mean we actually enjoy updating and adding new stuff.

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