Home :: Slimming World 10th September 2007

For those of you who believe that pride comes before a fall… here’s the fall. Well, it wasn’t a fall as such, more a brief dangle off the wagon to see how far away the ground was.

Last night was one of those I’ve been really good, how come I’ve only lost half a pound? moments. I’d had three days on Slimming World’s “Success Express” plan, I walked further than I’ve done in a long, long time over the weekend and as far as I was concerned, I’d had a good week on the plan. Mr Scale, however, was having none of it and declared a loss of only half a piddling pound. Oh poo.

On getting home early from group but too late to be bothered to prepare anything properly, I went into full *whatever happens on Monday night stays on Monday night” mode and ate and drank far too much. To quote the legendary philosopher Captain Slow…

> Oh cock.

A quick add up estimated my syn consumption to be somewhere around 60. Again:

> Oh cock.

(Does anybody know when Top Gear is back, by the way?)

So I guess that will be one of those new-fangled Flexible Syns days. Apparently, when the pressure gets too much, it’s possible to increase your syn allowance to accommodate things like weddings, meals out, unexpected binges, post-group trips to the chippy. You just return to normal the day after and you should see a weight loss. So that’s what I’m doing – getting back to business today, tomorrow and for the rest of the week. I hope it works!

We’ll see next week. The journey continues…!