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Just a quick update, because I’d like to sleep soon, but we’ve now got all the categories in place as we want them. All the old content is now in the wrong categories, but most of it doesn’t matter anyway. The main section headings are at the top right of each page now – Do, See, Us. The old Photography content has been moved into those pages for now, but still needs a fair bit of work to tidy it all up.

The really big difference for us, though, is that we’re not trying to be a comprehensive guide to anything now. We’re just covering what really interests us. It probably means that PigPog will become a bit more personal home page than it has been recently, but maybe that won’t be such a bad thing. If we’re only writing about stuff we actually care about, we’re likely to write more, and better. It will probably mean more photos, too, since that’s more our area now.

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