Home :: Photos from Sampford Peverell and Secret Seeds

There’s a pond just before Tiverton Parkway station, which is mainly used for fishing. I thought it might also make a good spot for some photography. I did take lots of photos, but unfortunately it was a bit dull under the trees, and very few turned out at all usable.

I quite liked the look of this telegraph pole on the way back:

Pile On After that, Sam liked the idea of popping in to a garden centre we’ve passed a few times with some interesting wicker sculptures outside, called Secret Seeds.

First: cream teas.

We ordered, and took seats outside at tables on the lawn. There were ducks. Ducks came to see us, clearly anticipating our scones.


There were some impressive cliffs in the distance, on the other side of the road – we must find out if we can get to anywhere closer to them for a bit more exploring.


A moorhen arrived and did a funky little dance number for us, making sure we’d remember him when the scones arrived.

Do Do Do the Funky Moorhen

The ducks weren’t going to be outdone, though. They had no dance number. They had only one more trick available to them.

Demanding scones with menaces.

Gimme scone, or I will eat you.

Me, Being Eaten by a Duck

We did get scones, and we did share with the ducks and moorhen, but we were too busy eating and throwing to take pics at that point, so we can’t prove it.

And it didn’t eat much of my leg.