Home :: Slimming World 17th September 2007

Well, I’ll be jiggered… after a week of fret and panic that I might have started going backwards in my weight loss journey, Mr Scale had a nice surprise for me last night. 3 and a half pounds off! I was honestly expecting a gain, what with hormonal inbalances and sudden cravings for frankfurters and scones. So here’s where I’m at so far:

Five stones, one pound or Seventy one pounds or 32.2kg

w00t! Loosening up and allowing a few syns to creep in hasn’t done me any harm at all. I’m very mindful of running away with this idea and spending every day down “The Teapots” munching cream teas, that wouldn’t work at all. But having the syns has turned my thinking from “can’t have this, can’t have that” to “ooo… what can I have?” – having an allowance to ‘spend’ makes the whole thing more interesting, and easier to live with.

So. Time to set a target. I have my official targets (set by myself – Slimming World let you make that decision yourself at your own time), but I want to set an unofficial one. I want to have lost 100lb by Christmas. So that’s 29lb away. Bring it on.

The journey continues!