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On Saturday mornings I like to stop by our local Boots to have a sneaky weigh-in just to get an idea of how things are going during the week. We were shopping in Taunton this morning, so I nipped into the Boots there expecting to find the same kind of digital scale that sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. This, however, was a big flashy city centre store so the scale had to be equally big and flashy.

I think they hired a relative of Optimus Prime. This thing had flashing LEDs, hand grips, a card slot for members of the Boots Pharmacy Weight Loss Programme and a loud booming voice.

Yes, a voice. A feature the scales at Slimming World fortunately lack. I chose to find out just my weight and my BMI and began feeding this beast my change.

“Insert more!” It boomed. I began to feel slightly queasy at the thought that this same voice would shortly be announcing my weight across the store. “Stand still!” I whimpered my compliance as the LEDs flashed up and down the column ahead of me and the screen displayed my results.

The weight loss so far seems to be ticking over quite nicely, but what did surprise me was my alleged height. I’m very much enjoying and appreciating the loss of inches, but I appear to have lost height. Since when was I 5′ 4.9″? I could have sworn I was 5′ 6″! I must admit, I’ve only ever guessed my height, so I suppose I could have been an inch or two out. Never mind.

If anyone has been and begged for mercy at the feet of the Boots Scale of Doom, I must reassure you that the scale at Slimming World isn’t like that at all. There’s the bit you stand on, and a little separate panel that sits near the consultant. There are no booming voices, no large screens, just you, your consultant, and Mr Scale. And in comparison to the second-cousin-half-removed of Optimus Prime over at Boots, Mr Scale is a pussycat. So if worrying about how that first weigh-in at group will be is putting you off joining, take it from a regular… it’s a walk in the park. Really.

Back in a couple of days with the results of this week’s proper weigh-in, until then… the journey continues!