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Okay then Mr Brogan, here’s one from your list…

Ten Guilty Pleasures

  • Biopics – I love watching films about famous people. Especially when they’re really compellingly bad. Remember the movie of that godawful book Wired? That’s about the worst I’ve seen, but there’s also been really cheesy ones about John Lennon, Karen Carpenter and The Monkees.

  • The Monkees – pure pop. Nothing more to say. Michael Nesmith was the first hat-wearing guitar player to catch my eye.

  • The Associated TeleVision Ident – I can’t really explain this one. Maybe it reminds me of a time when TV was good and life was simpler, or maybe that the colours were cool, or maybe I still get excited because hearing that tune means The Muppets will be on in a minute.

  • Marmite – Yep, definitely in the ‘love’ camp here. I adore the goopy stuff.

  • Dipping Kit Kat Fingers in Tea – A habit I’ve unfortunately had to give up for now, but since 2-finger Kit Kats are fairly low on syns, I might have a dip again soon. 😉

  • Lush – One of the few stores you smell before you see. I love their bath and shower stuff, especially Happy Hippy and Karma.

  • Life on Mars – One of the best TV shows ever. Loved it.

  • Snorgling – Have you seen my husband’s hair lately? Probably not because his avatar is about three years old, but take it from me, there’s so much floof, I must snorgle it!

  • Slash – Michael Nesmith might have been the first hat-wearing guitar player to catch my eye, but he was by no means the last. The man I occasionally refer to as The Lovely Mr Hudson rocks as hard as he ever did and he’s fantastic live (even though I only saw them for 20 minutes because I was too damn unfit to make it through the rest of the show).

  • Doing List Posts inspired by The Brogan – Nuff said. Just be glad I decided not to tackle all 100.

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