Home :: Slimming World 24th September 2007

After another fun week of what felt like a far more self-indulgent version of the Food Optimising plan, I wasn’t expecting a grand result on Monday night. But that’s exactly what I got – another 3.5lbs off! This takes my overall total weight loss to:

5 stones, 4.5lb or 74.5lb or 33.79kg

This is after a week which included chocolate, jam, clotted cream and wine. This, friends, is where the Syns come in. As I mentioned when I began this journey back in April:

>All the foods that would be considered off-limits in conventional ‘diet’ thinking are rated by ‘Syns’, and you get so many a day.

I had been avoiding using most of my allocation of Syns, thinking that the less I had, the more weight I’d lose. That worked for a while, but soon enough natural cravings for the usual treats kicked in, and I had to find a way of managing them without buggering up my progress. So, after speaking to my consultant, Saint Frankie the Magnificent, I found out how many Syns I could have per day and started planning them into my daily menus. It’s so wonderful during a rough day at work to think that there are a couple of shots of Jack on the evening’s menu! It’s an excellent way of making sure there are no feelings of deprivation, there’s no such thing as ‘bad’ food, and it makes the whole thing easier to live with. That’s very important for those of us who are going to be doing this for a while.

The trick, really, is to have the Syns, have the Healthy Extras and all of that, but to make sure the mainstay of the food is fruit and vegetables. Forget 5-a-day. Try 10. The more the merrier. And, of course, to make sure there’s at least 30 minutes of activity a day. Which reminds me, I’ve still got a stack of housework to get through before Hubster returns from another day at t’mill… so I’ll leave it there for this week.

Hoping for another good result from Mr Scale on Monday. Until then… the journey continues!