Home :: Slimming World 1st October 2007

Kicking off my sixth month at Slimming World, and Mr Scale wasn’t feeling all that generous, but gave me a pound off for last week’s efforts. This takes the weight loss to 5 stones, 5 and a half pounds or 75 and a half pounds or 34.2kg. Despite a fairly slow month, I managed to get my mitts on the Slimmer of the Month hamper once again with a total weight loss during September of 10 pounds. I know that as time goes on the weight loss is going to slow down, but I want to do all I can to put that off for as long as I can, so last Friday I started going to the gym.

The first visit was the induction, a basic walk-through of all the equipment and how to use it. I didn’t get much time to actually use much, but I did get an introduction to the wonderful machine known as the elliptical trainer, and of course the wonderful recumbent bike.

Sunday was my first proper session. Michael dropped me off at around 10am, and I plugged in my headphones and headed straight for the elliptical. I bounced and panted on there for 13 minutes as the iPod attempted to feed motivational tunes to me. I then went on the bike for a while, then wrestled with the resistance machines. I couldn’t remember how to work many of them, but flubbed as best I could and then returned to the bike for a ‘cool down’. I then left, returned to Michael and we went out for a big slap-up Sunday lunch (ah, that might explain the mediocre weight loss…).

I went back to the gym today, and had great fun on the elliptical again, on the bike, the weight machines and the treadmill. I was so absorbed by the music I was listening to I barely noticed anyone else, but I was aware of other people which is why I managed to restrain myself from yelling out loud what I was thinking as my iPod continued to do a bang-up job of feeding me tunes to work out to…

Six things I felt inclined to shout out in the gym today, but fortunately didn’t:

  • “Yes, Axl, I know where I am, now tell that top hatted man to rock my blithering socks off.”
  • “Slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash!”
  • “I got blisters on mah fingers!”
  • “Come on Lars, show me what to do…”
  • “Hammett! Bring it!”
  • “Yoooou neeeed cooooolin’! Bebeh I’m not foooooooolin!”

There are four TV screens in the gym, which today were broadcasting the finest programming available to doleites, the housebound and students. One show was a kid’s programme. I couldn’t follow it properly without sound, but it looked as though the presenter was singing about how jolly and exciting it would be to clean buses for a living. I guess it’s nice to see that they’re encouraging the kiddies to have realistic aims these days. Channel 4 was just showing back to back US sitcoms (and when Frasier came on I wished they had subtitles). ITV1 had the usual fare, and when Jeremy Kyle came on, I made a run for it. That was quite enough daytime TV for me.

Back to the gym again on Sunday for more of the same (perhaps without the slap-up lunch this time), so we’ll see if that has a decent result on Monday. The journey, with soundtrack by Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, continues…