Home :: Slimming World 8th October 2007

Another week has gone by and I seem to have found my level. Over the past few weeks I’ve been playing around with my Syn allowance and activity levels, but last week I kept my syns down to the level that everyone else has (between 5 and 15 a day), and kept my activity up to a minimum of 30 minutes a day on work days, an hour a day on days off. I’ve also been making sure that I’ve been drinking plenty of water, and on Monday night, I was hopeful of a good result.

This Monday’s session was a lark. The delightful Saint Frankie was on a well-earned holiday, and filling her shoes was the equally delightful Angel Katrina. I had a feeling that, as a ‘substitute teacher’, Katrina would welcome a bit of help, so I went along early and ended up running the shop for a while as she popped out to the shop for a raffle prize. So I was on my own with Substitute Mr Scale. I hopped on, and made a note of my loss – another 3 and a half pounds! This takes the total loss so far up to… 5 stones, 9 pounds or 79 pounds or 35.8 kilos.

It was interesting to see a Slimming World group run by another Consultant, particularly noticing how both Frankie and Katrina put their own stamp on the standard Slimming World procedures. There is a certain format Consultants have to follow, but how they deliver that format is influenced by their individual personalities. Both of them are brilliant in their own ways, and I’m very grateful to both of them. To have one great consultant is a blessing in itself. To have two in the same town is just wonderful. Maybe all Slimming World Consultants are angels who hide their wings well. I do hope so.

Anyway, I left Monday’s session with the fruit for the 12th time, and came away fired up for another good week. And after today, which included an hour in the gym and rather a lot of walking, I’m hoping to see another good loss when Saint Frankie returns from her hols next week. Until then, the journey continues!

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