I finally got around to working out some of the differences between Drupal 4.x modules and Drupal 5.x modules. Not much of the differences, mind, just enough to get the few custom bits we wanted back on PigPog working.

  • The old semi-automatic ads we had that we pop in by just adding a tag or two have returned. OK, so I don’t suppose many people were waiting for us to sort that out. When we redesigned, though, we did go for a less intrusive set of ads generally, losing the big square that poked into the content, and that’s costing us a bit, because that one did get people going clicky. We don’t want it back, though, because the site looks better without it. Putting the little semi-auto ones back should help make up a bit.
  • We can now create new GuitarPr0n entries again (and Gary should be able to, too). We still intend to make a better home for GuitarPr0n at some point, but this makes things a bit more liveable-with until then.

The main difference, in case it’s of interest to anyone Google should drop here, is that modules now have to have a .info file as well as the .module file. They’re pretty easy to create, though, just copy and edit one from another module.

  • Oh, I’ve set the ads in the right-hand column to be text-only, too. Some of the animated graphic ads were kind of distracting and ugly.