This week saw the return of the delightful Saint Frankie and her lovely husband Paul, both looking more tanned than any resident of Britain should be in the middle of October. A fab time was had by both on their holidays, and it was lovely to see them again. The weight loss for this week was fairly mediocre at 1lb, but a loss is a loss, and takes my total up to…

5 st 10lb or 80lb or 36.2kg

… which in less than 6 months is pretty good going, I think. But, I have to say, I wasn’t satisfied. A few of the girls in the group felt similarly dissatisfied with their results, so during IMAGE Therapy (it has a cheesy name, but it’s really worth staying for) a few of us decided to make a pact, to lose at least 3lb by next week’s weigh-in. So how’s it going for me this week since we made that brave (some might say bloody stupid) decision? Pretty good, I think. This morning at the gym, their freaky boombot scale was showing a loss of 1.5lb, which was encouraging. The next few days are key, and since we’re off ‘up country’ to do some work on our old house and visit my mum I’m hoping things will continue to go well and I’ll have a good loss on Monday – more than 3lb would be nice, in fact 4lb would be lovely… another sticker!

Time to get packed up ready for tomorrow. And to make sure we have both sets of keys! Until then… the journey continues.