Home :: Slimming World 12th November 2007

Last week I talked about how it’s never a good idea to assume you know everything. And since last week’s adventure resulted in a weight gain, I must kick off today’s post by reiterating that. On this journey I’m learning all the time, and on Monday night I learned that a succession of days on the Green plan do not do me any favours. I’ll explain… the Green version of the Slimming World plan is the one that has things like potatoes, pasta, beans and peas as foods that can be eaten in unlimited amounts. Now, I like potatoes. And pasta. And beans and peas. If you tell me I can eat as much of this stuff as I like, I will eat vast quantities of the damn things.

At the time the amount I consumed didn’t seem like much (and in comparison to my pre-Slimming World life, it wasn’t). But I noticed on Sunday and Monday of last week that I feeling a bit ill – tired, sluggish, everything was a real effort… that feeling that often comes with the darker evenings and the colder nights. I only gained a pound, so it hasn’t scuppered my plans too much, but I doubt I’ll manage to lose a stone this month with 10lb to go and only 2 weeks left.

So, this week I’ve kept on Original, and kept everything fairly high protein and fairly low carb. I’ve still had some – bread, cereal etc. – but nowhere near the volumes as last week. Sneaky peeking on my home scale is showing encouraging results so I’m hoping that Mr Scale will be a bit more charitable next week. Michael will be joining me next Monday. Nope, I haven’t forced him to sign up… it’s party night to celebrate the Miss Slinky competition, and he’s taking photos. Of course, if he wants to say hi to Mr Scale, I’m not going to stand in his way. 😉

The journey continues…!