Home :: Slimming World 26th November 2007

And so another month on the plan ends, and this time I have just ever so slightly fallen short of my stone (14lb) a month target. That’s fine by me because a) as time goes on the losses will slow down, b) there were only 4 meetings during November and c) dammit, I’d lost 7.5lb the previous week! Last week I lost 2lb, which takes my total loss to:

6 stone, 13 pounds or 97 pounds or 43 kilos.

Not bad, all things considered. 😉 Once again, I’ve done the best I can this week, sticking to mainly Original, and keeping an eye on my home scales which give a not-entirely accurate but good enough idea that things are going in the right direction. And they appear to be, so fingers crossed.

Last night was our Christmas party, and it was an absolute blast. Big, big thanks to Katrina for organising such a great bash. I had a great time celebrating my ability to do things that weren’t possible 12 months ago, namely wearing a gorgeous dress and dancing myself daft for 2 hours. I went for the option of dancing like no-one’s watching even though there were several people watching. Hey, I had a lot to celebrate – I’ve lost nearly 100lb in seven months! If that ain’t worth dancing about, I don’t know what is.

So what am I hoping for when I tremble at the mercy of the mighty Mr Scale tomorrow? Well, it would be nice to get that 100lb target nailed 3 weeks before Christmas, but as long as I get that one pesky pound off for my 7 stone award, I’ll be cool. I’m heading into a really exciting part of my weight loss journey, where lots of targets await, and lots more changes. The middle of the journey looks like it will be more exciting than the start, so bring it on… the journey continues!

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